Timberland & Biomass Fuels

Within timberland forests, lies one of the largest renewable energy sources on the planet, biomass fuels. Biomass fuels have become an attractive alternative to fossil fuels, like coal, natural gas, and oil, because of its renewable supply, lower cost, and greater accessibility.

The demand for biomass fuels is increasing as new markets are being created and existing markets are expanding worldwide. This is one of the reasons timberland for sale in Florida is such an attractive investment. So, what are biomass fuels and where do they come from?

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What are Biomass Fuels?

Natural material, specifically trees, forest debris, scrap lumber, and vegetation, store chemical energy that can be released through burning the material or the conversion of lignin, an organic substance that binds the cells of of wood and vegetation, into biomass fuels or pellet fuels. Lignin is the second most renewable carbon source on Earth.

Forest Waste or Renewable Energy Source

When acquiring biomass fuels from trees and other organic resources within the forest, it important to understand gathering this energy source happens in addition to creating other materials from the timber. For example, the sawmill scraps and tree tops that would otherwise be burnt or released in a landfill can be compressed and converted into this energy source, decreasing agricultural waste.

The Global Rise of Biomass Fuels

Globally, the use of biomass fuels as an energy source is increasing at a rapid rate. Governmental bodies around the world are passing laws requiring a portion of their countries’ energy be supplied by renewable energy sources, specifically biomass fuels. In the United States alone, legislation was put in place that requires at least 25% of the country’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2025.


Biomass fuels derived from timberland forests are set to be the energy source of the future. If you are already searching for Timberland for sale in Florida, consider this additional resource that can be derived from your land purchase and plan accordingly with the appropriate technology and equipment to join the global shift to renewable energy sources.

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