USDA Workshops Help Farmers Understand, Develop, and Submit Federal Grant Applications

In an effort to help current and future owners of farm land for sale in Florida and throughout the U.S. take advantage of resources available as part of the Agricultural Act of 2014, commonly referred to as the Farm Bill, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and sister agency, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) have partnered to bring a series of workshops to help farmers understand, develop, and submit federal grant applications for The Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program.

The workshops, which begin February 2015, will be led by Dr. Stephen J. Goetz on behalf of the Agriculture Marketing Service Technical Assistance (AMSTA) Project.

The Program

The workshops have primary initiatives that will be delivered in-person by trainers, through webinars, and by electronic copies of the complete curriculum. The purpose of the workshops is to provide assistance to farmers when applying for federal grants available through the Farm Bill, the objective of the program is to enhance national economic growth by helping farmers reach new local markets and meet local and regional demands for locally produced food. Award recipients not only receive financial assistance, the project also provides on-farm and in-market support to increase food production and distribution.

Within the curriculum, national farm landowners will learn: 

1. An Overview of The Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program

2. Tips for Developing Ideas to Meet Local and Regional Food Demands

3. How to Successfully Prepare the Proposal

4. How to Successfully Prepare the Grant Application

5. How to Manage Grant Awards and Meet Federal Requirements

Current owners and individuals seeking out Florida farm land for sale opportunities can attend the April 8, 2015 workshop in Miami, FL. The full list of workshop dates can be found here.

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