Vacant Land for Sale in Florida

Buyers look to purchase vacant land for sale in Florida for many reasons. Some are interested in the long-term investment opportunities of vacant land, while others may want to develop the land for commercial use. Some land buyers desire to build their dream home. Whatever your reason for buying vacant land, there are many variables to consider before you make an offer on a piece of land.

Development Restrictions on Vacant Land for Sale Florida

Purchasing vacant land can pose a number of potential issues, which makes it imperative to have a vacant land expert working with you. Access to utilities is crucial if you intend to build on the property, but other considerations can be just as important and often overlooked. The presence of land-use restrictions and easements can determine the kinds of development allowed on the property. It is always wise to check with the planning and zoning department to determine what restrictions might exist before purchasing vacant land for sale. Florida laws and zoning restrictions vary from county to county. Be sure to speak with a CBC Saunders Real Estate sales associate to get expert advice on buying vacant land for sale in Florida.

Look for Legal Access on Vacant Land Florida

For land located off of a main road, access can become a problem. It is important to make sure that your land has legal access before making an offer. A road that cuts through a neighbor’s property can be closed without any notice. Don’t rely on the kindness of others. Make sure that you will have legal access before purchasing the property. Also, determine who is responsible for road maintenance before purchasing vacant land. Florida road maintenance and repair might be a financial burden that you are not prepared for.

Check Zoning and Land Planning Uses on Florida Vacant Land

When considering Florida vacant land, it pays to have a look at the county’s long-term land-use plan. This document is available at the county planning and zoning department and will notify you of any future development that might affect your desired property. It might also help you find a bargain on property scheduled for future improvements or avoid the tract located downwind to a future waste processing plant.

Working with a Knowledgeable Sales Associate to Find Vacant Land in Florida

At CBC Saunders Real Estate, our sales associates are specialists in land use and can help you find the right piece of vacant land in Florida. Our backgrounds in agriculture, land use and land management help us locate the best properties for a particular use, and help us warn you when a piece of land might be vulnerable to a number of potential problems. We have experts familiar with all parts of Florida and the unique problems that each area experiences. Take advantage of our valuable experience to ensure that you find the best vacant land opportunity.

Abundant Investment Opportunities in Florida Vacant Land for Sale

Now is a great time to buy Florida vacant land for sale. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales associates can help you take advantage of the many investment opportunities that currently exist.

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