5 Tips To Consider Before Buying Vacant Land Part 2

Do you want to buy land in Florida? The Sunshine State offers an impressive and diverse amount of real estate opportunities, from farmland to investment land to hunting land and more. However, before you take the plunge, here are some tips to consider.

(If you have not yet read Part 1 of this article, check out the first three tips there!)

Tip #4 – Educate Yourself on Easements

An easement is an agreement between parties when one person must cut across the other’s land. There are many types of easements, and it’s easy to miss them without a thorough survey and title search.

One example of an easement is when an electrical utility has a power line running through your land and you are required to let the utility service the line. Another would be if you own land on two sides of a portion of a body of water, but are still required to let boaters or swimmers use the waterway.

Tip #5 – Secure Title Insurance

Any large purchase includes insurance, and purchasing vacant land in Florida is no exception. Title insurance ensures your ownership of the farm in the amount that you paid for it as long as any items that were listed as exceptions are corrected. Examples of these exceptions include things like a seller having a deed of trust removed or the transfer of ownership via legal deed.

Securing a title policy is the securest way to purchase vacant land in Florida. An attorney or land professional can answer any questions.

Work With a Skilled Land Professional

If you are looking to buy land in Florida, it pays to have a seasoned professional in your corner. The team of experts at Saunders Real Estate will work diligently to ensure your best interests are met, as this award-winning real estate team works with high-level knowledge and a personal touch.

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