An Eye in the Sky: How Farms Can Benefit From Drone Technology

If you plan on purchasing Florida vacant land and cultivating crops in the next few years, using drone technology may likely become a part of your standard practice. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones, as they are commonly known, are being used more and more on farms to reduce the time it takes to perform recurring tasks such as spraying and planting. Drones are also being used to gather important data that help farmers increase crop yields.

If you are a farmer and you aren’t using UAVs yet, you may be soon. According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, over 2,000 companies have been approved to use UAVs for commercial use. New business-friendly rules on drones, enacted by the Federal Aviation Administration, likely mean that more businesses will utilize the technology in the coming years.

Drones present a number of exciting and innovative opportunities for farmers. There are a number of opportunities for cattle ranchers as well. Farmers can use drones to:

  • Gather Data on Crops: UAVs with traditional cameras and thermal imaging can provide an innovative overhead view of fields and gather valuable data. With the data, farmers can determine the health of crops, their growth patterns, and if they are being affected by weed or insect infestations.
  • Support The Irrigation Process: Drones can help farms locate dry spots on their property through the use of thermal sensors. The technology may also be used to determine if a drip irrigation system has been gnawed by animals. Additionally, drones can determine if plants have the proper amount of water.
  • Plant Seeds: A number of companies are popping up with innovative new ways to use drones to plants seeds. Tech website Singularity Hub recently introduced a UK startup that uses UAVs to shoot pressurized canisters into the ground where they break open and release seeds.
  • Spray Pesticides Over Crops: This common, recurring task is made easier by drones that can fly over a large group of crops and spray pesticides.

The number of uses for drones by farmers will only grow over time. It’s predicted that farming will make up 80 percent of commercial UAV use. For those looking for vacant land for sale in Florida, it’s important to make note of this emerging trend.

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