Great Uses for Vacant Land

If you are considering an investment in Florida vacant land for sale from Saunders Real Estate, a number of tremendous options lie in front of you. When considering uses for vacant land, many people immediately defer to farming, raising cattle, timbering, or residential development. While these are all excellent and potentially profitable ventures, they all have the potential to be expensive, labor-intensive, and life-altering. While that shouldn’t deter you, it’s helpful to consider a diverse group of options for land use.

We’ve listed a few ideas for using vacant land that you may not have thought about. These options can help you generate financial and intrinsic value from your investment.

Easement Access

Your land may be next to property that a utilities company wants to access. Other landowners may be landlocked and want access to a main road. Depending on zoning requirements, you may be able to lease the right of way to companies or individuals who desire a path through your land for a variety of reasons. It’s not be an exciting use, but for many companies, it’s of vital importance.


If you have a large amount of land in a rural setting, consider renting out space for campsites. These sites can be used for primitive camping as well as RV camping. There are measures that have to be put in place to maintain the grounds and make for an optimal experience for guests, but they are minimal by comparison to other land use options. Also, a campground doesn’t have to be a commercial venture. If you need a place to get away and enjoy natural beauty, your vacant land may be the perfect option.

Recreational Activities

Whether it’s a commercial venture or personal enjoyment, your property presents a number of options for recreational fun. If you have a lake on property, you can go fishing. Hilly property is excellent for dirt bikes or mountain biking. If you have a large enough property, you can build the ultimate paintball arena. Or an obstacle course. The options are plentiful.

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