How to Start a Sod Farm Business Part 1

If you are looking for a profitable use for your Florida vacant land for sale, you have a number of options. While cattle farming, crops, and outdoor adventures get much of the publicity, sod farming is a viable business option that can net a great deal of success. Landscaper companies, land developers, stadiums, and home owners are continuously looking to replace their sod. Some farmers can make as much as $6000.00 per acre.

Looking for Property for Sod Farming?
That’s a lot of money, but it requires a lot of work. Soil conditions, weather, and proximity to viable markets figure heavily into your success. Also, the lifespan of sod is short. It has to go to market quickly after it has been harvested. To help you break through in this challenging, but profitable aspect of the farming industry, we’ve put together this two-part guide with tips to help you get started. For more information, go to part two of this series.

Determine Your Niche

There’s a large market out there for sod. While it may be tempting to take on all comers, especially, in the beginning, it’s a wiser choice to pick a niche and master it. This way you can build relationships with the customers in that niche and establish that you are the best at what you do. You can also cater your product to that niche. Certain grass types work better for highway landscapes than home lawns. By focussing on a niche, you better understand it and are able to fulfill the needs of your customers.

Find a Location

Once you have determined what niche you would like to serve, your next biggest decision will be the location of your farm. Your farm must be close enough to your customers that they can receive their sod shortly after purchase. Other factors to consider include soil quality and available water sources. If the land that you are considering doesn’t receive enough rain over the course of a year, you will need to consider an irrigation system.

Determine the Types of Grass you Want to Grow

As you determine your niche and location, also determine which grasses your customers are looking for. This will require a great deal of research and discussion with potentials customers. This decision will have to be made in tandem with finding a location, because the soil has to be able to yield the desired grass.

Looking for Property for Sod Farming?