The Best Cold Weather Crops to Grow in Florida

While the weather turns bitter cold in other parts of the country and crop production slows down, Florida farms can enjoy the ability to grow produce year around. Our mild winters with shorter days and warm soil allow us to grow crops here that are typically more prevalent in northern climates. And if you are looking for vacant land in Florida to start a farm, that could be a huge advantage. Farming in Florida means growing crops that thrive in a warmer climate during the majority of the year, while switching to cooler weather crops in the fall and winter.

To grow plants in colder months, there are a couple of items to consider, including your plant hardiness zone and methods for avoiding frost.

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Plant Hardiness Zones

The United States Department of Agriculture breaks the country down into plant hardiness zones. These zones illustrate an area’s general climate and ability to grow certain crops. Florida is a part of four hardiness zones (8-11.) These zones all feature mild winters and warmer summers.

Tips for Protecting Crops

While the weather is wonderfully warm here, even in the winter, it does get cold on occasion. Your plants still need to be protected. Use transparent row to protect crops from overnight frost.

Crops to Grow During The Fall and Winter

There are a number of great options for growing crops during the fall and winter. From herbs to vegetables, these plants can all be grown on most any vacant land for sale in Florida. These options include:



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