Ways to Legally Prevent Trespassers

If you invested in vacant land for sale in Florida, but you do not have the time to properly monitor your property then you may be dealing with unwanted trespassers. This can be a very unsettling feeling for property owners. Besides the obvious security concerns trespassers present to your property, as a landowner, you want to avoid any liability issues regarding any unwanted guests engaging in illegal actions on your property. Illegal activities trespassers could be taking part in include: hunting, fishing, trapping, and even underage drinking.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to prohibit, impede, or monitor trespassers that are entering your property without your consent. The following three methods can legally prevent trespassers from entering your property.


One of the most obvious trespassing prevention tactics is to erect a fence that at least makes it more difficult for a trespasser to enter your property. A fence not only offers an obstruction for the person looking to enter your property illegally, it also sends the message that you are a competent landowner that is willing to go the extra mile to prevent their access. This impediment at least presents the notion to the trespasser that they are, without a doubt, violating the law by climbing over the fence and entering the property.


Another obvious deterrent to a potential trespasser is a property owner that is willing to place signage up around the perimeter of their property. Nicely manufactured signs that are strategically placed to warn trespassers that they are violating the law by entering your property may again make the trespasser reconsider whether or not it’s worth the risk to enter the property of a vigilant property owner.

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are an effective way to monitor potential trespassers around the perimeter of your property or onsite. Property owners can utilize a no flash infrared camera that the trespasser will be unaware of. With groundbreaking technology, you can even install a trail camera that immediately sends still shots or video surveillance to your phone or email. This technology allows property owners to observe either the trespasser or their license plate on their vehicle giving you the precise location and time the trespasser entered your property. This technology at your fingertips also allows you the option to contact the authorities and report the trespasser if you feel like it.

There are a variety of ways that property owners can prevent trespassers from entering their vacant property. If you are interested in purchasing vacant land for sale in Florida, do not hesitate to consult with a Saunders Real Estate land expert.

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