The Saunders Art Collection

With a great appreciation of the now-too-rare natural Florida landscape, Dean Saunders pursued ways to capture and preserve the state’s natural beauty. He is an eighth-generation Floridian who knows that the natural Florida landscape he enjoyed as a young man is a precious commodity for our future.

From those roots, Dean built a successful land company that guides landowners through the many facets of land transactions and conservation easements. This is what brought him to the idea of capturing Florida's natural beauty through authentic landscape paintings of well-known artists, such as naturalist and landscape artist, Thomas Brooks, Lakeland, FL; nature and landscape artist David Escadero, New Mexico; and natural landscape artist, Michael J. Nowak, Lakeland, FL.

Each year, a Florida location is selected by Dean for a new addition to The Saunders Art Collection. The commissioning culminates at an annual corporate event, where the commissioned painting is revealed and displayed.


"Ghosts of the Glades"
by Leon Fouché


"The Morning Post"
by Danny O'Driscoll


"Hope Song"
by Stephen Koury


"Everglades Feeding"
by C. Ford Riley


"St. Johns Riverboat"
by Thomas Brooks

We’ve experienced rapid growth in recent years creating a need for not only more space but smarter space. Our new headquarters will feature multi-functional meeting rooms, and shared and private workspaces, and an art gallery to highlight our original Florida art.
Dean Saunders, ALC, CCIM Founder and Managing Director