16th Annual BBQ and 25th Anniversary Celebration

Thank You for joining us at our 16th Annual Customer Appreciation BBQ and 25th Anniversary Celebration!


We have shared such wonderful moments with our customers, clients, friends, and families over the last 25 years. 

 We look forward to sharing another at our 17th Annual BBQ in 2022. 

Pictures from Past BBQs

The Saunders Collection

Hope Song by artist, Stephen Koury


2021 attendees received a limited-edition, signed, and numbered art print of “Hope Song” by artist, Stephen Koury.

Named for their call that resembles the buzz of a grasshopper flying through the prairie, the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow sings triumphantly atop the native brush at the edge of the pastureland. This scene displays the warm glow of the morning sun breaking through the grass and the song of hope sung on Florida’s native prairie. The male birds sing only a few months of the year during the nesting season, for a few hours each day. The females can be seen below the brush, keeping an ever-watchful eye over the nest and its precious contents.

According to the Audubon Society, the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow is perhaps the most endangered bird in North America, with very few remaining in the wild. The sparrow is highly endangered due to its dependence on Florida dry prairie habitat, of which more than 85 percent has been destroyed. Most prairie loss has resulted from converting native habitat to domestic pasture grasses, which lack the structure to support the sparrow.

The artist, Stephen Koury, traveled to the Archbold Biological Station and Reserve in Highlands County to view the native habitat these birds survive in and the efforts being made to save the species by ranchers and scientists. He took inspiration from the ground level, attempting to view the landscape from the perspective of these small, resilient sparrows and showcase their mighty song of survival.