Land Management Services

Our highly-specialized land management team is uniquely able to benefit from the diverse experience and knowledge of our firm's expert advisors in commercial brokering, economics, appraising, land consulting, conservation, timber specialties, citrus grove management, cattle operations, and ranching.

When we manage your land, you can be confident it will be managed by experts who care about your land, your individual objectives, and your return on investment.

Why Hire Land Management Consultants?

Landowners come to us with a variety of individual needs for managing their land. Understanding that unmanaged land can quickly become a burden to you, we know that it can also expose you to liability, decrease land value, and become a financial burden.

In addition to being a full-service brokerage, the firm offers land management services to absentee owners, investor groups, or landowners who need assistance managing their large acreage tracts. This includes maintenance of the land, coordinating ag exemptions, cattle, and more.

How We Work Together

We work closely with landowners to help them accomplish long-term goals and objectives for their land.

We review the qualifications of the land for Greenbelt Agricultural Tax Assessment, a provision allowing land to be taxed at its agricultural use value rather than its fair market value as long as the land is used for "bona fide" agriculture.

We can suggest other conservation-effective and income-producing programs, such as CRP (Conservation Reserve Program), conservation reserve for soil, water, and related natural resources, and EQUIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program), a program that promotes agricultural production and environmental quality.

Our Qualifications

We are uniquely qualified to assist landowners in the management of their land assets. Our land management team has provided land and property services to landowners, buyers, and sellers for more than 25 years while growing SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate into a nationally-recognized land firm.

Forestry Group

Our team of highly specialized advisors in partnership with Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc. (NRPS), provide advanced timberland and wildlife expertise throughout the Southeast.

NRPS is a premier consulting forestry firm in Florida operating real estate business exclusively with our land advisors. We’ve created a unique team providing forestry consulting in addition to land brokerage services. We help buyers and sellers of timberland tracts with timber real estate brokerage, acquisition due diligence, investment analysis, and agricultural property valuations.

This full-service forestry consulting team includes foresters, wildlife biologists, ecologists, and other natural resource professionals. Specific client services include timber and wildlife management, timberland appraisals, hunting lease management, arboricultural services, and urban forestry consulting.

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Our Commitment

to Landowners


We remain very responsive to the client at all levels.

Return on Investment

We believe that our clients will see a return of fees through reduced costs and increased income.

Meeting Goals

We position the property to meet the owners’ goals and objectives.

Contact a Land Management Professional 

Contact an expert advisor to discuss the management of your land.