Strategic Marketing Services

Our founder, Dean Saunders, believes a deal gets done when both the needs of the buyer and the seller are met. He deeply understands the power of the marketplace and loves to broadly expose properties.

SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate has consistently led the industry with new marketing strategies. We work with technologies our competitors simply can’t match because of the required investment in tools, talent, and time it takes to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Our Marketing Presence

Our marketing presence has been well-curated and established over many years of consistent investment in time, technology and talent. Our work in print, direct, digital, and content marketing is unrivaled in the industry.

Traditional Marketing

We continue to deliver direct mail campaigns including postcards, letters, flyers, and listing catalogs. We mail our listings catalogs and market reports to tens of thousands of targeted contacts each year. Our ongoing dedication to quality content production and direct marketing offers unparalleled benefits to our clients.

Digital Marketing

We are aggressive in our digital marketing strategies - going beyond just posting property information in listings websites. Through customized marketing and collaboration platforms, we put your property in front of the correct buyers.

List Your Property

Networking Events

Land buyers and sellers from across the state and country gather at our annual Lay of the Land Conference where your property listing materials are showcased. Every event we host or attend includes property listing materials or presentations for optimal property exposure. Our presence at events throughout the year allows for additional networking with potential buyers.

Real estate marketing has changed rapidly. We embrace new trends and invest consistently in marketing to create an advantage for our clients. Our marketing program is a significant differentiator for our clients and one that we continue to develop and nurture.

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