Market Valuation Methods, Process & Techniques

Based on our in-depth analysis, we will determine the best options for the future of your property - whether that's presenting your property to the marketplace, determining potential uses and users, or developing a long-term hold and management strategy.

Market Analysis

Essentially, the factors of supply and demand are what really drive market analysis. The goal is to assess whether or not the proposed asset’s trade area is economically viable for the purpose of the property. This is done through a process of segmentation and dividing the consumer population based on disposable income, household numbers, expenditures and other demographics. Through this process, supply and demand for the proposed trade area can be analyzed.

Location & Site Analysis

The key elements in site analysis are visibility, accessibility, positioning of any buildings, and topography. Each of these elements affect how the consumer will interact with the proposed asset. Linkages and relationships with the population surrounding the site are also very important and will determine the working dynamic and success of the acquisition.

Political & Legal Analysis

There are many political and legal considerations as well as site limitations that could impact the success of the proposed land or commercial asset. Zoning jurisdictions, building codes, and licensing requirements all govern the activities of the site and could affect the decision making process.

Financial Analysis

After considering the first three analyses, the last consideration is determining the financial feasibility of the proposed asset. This ultimately examines whether there will be sufficient return to cover the cost of the acquisition, potential use of the property, and income-producing opportunities.

Our expert advisors can assess your property's market value and connect you to potential buyers.

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