Fish Camp for Sale in Florida

With two prominent coastlines and rivers and lakes dotting its landscape, Florida has always been a premiere spot for recreational and commercial fishing. Historically, Florida’s fish camps have been the central location for those looking to make money in the fishing industry as well as people looking for peaceful refuge. Unfortunately, these important pieces of Florida’s heritage are becoming less prevalent. However, you can find Florida fish camps for sale by working with the agents at Saunders Real Estate.

What Makes Florida Fish Camps for Sale So Special?

Historically, fish camps were places where people came to purchase bait and tackle prior to going fishing. Some camps, including ones in the Carolinas, cleaned and cooked the fish that was caught during the day. With time, fish camps morphed into traditional restaurants and recreational fishing locations.

If you are considering an investment in a fish camp for sale in Florida, there two primary business initiatives that you can consider:

Fish Camps for Fishermen: You can purchase a camp and make it available to those who want to catch the specific types of fish that the area offers. These patrons can either bring their own boats or rent them.

Fish Camps for Vacationers: If your fish camp has lodging, you can offer it as a vacation option for travelers. Fish camps can offer a great combination of natural beauty and recreation. It can provide a relaxing vacation that gives a sense of light adventure.

Why Saunders Real Estate

The agents at Saunders Real Estate are the experts on rural properties throughout the state, including Florida fish camps for sale. We will learn about the type of property you are looking for and present a bevy of options. While there are websites that list properties, few provide a knowledge of Florida’s landscape, an understanding of agriculture, and superior service like Saunders Real Estate.

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