Land Management Services Overview

Our knowledge is the primary value we can offer our clients and our advisors are highly-credentialed by specialized leadership organizations across the commercial real estate industry.

Income-producing Leases

  • Hunting
  • Sod Farm
  • Farming
  • Citrus
  • Timber
  • Cattle

Management Services

  • Lease negotiation
  • Selection of operation personnel
  • Negotiation of highest profit relative to risk
  • Asset protection
  • Production decisions
  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Farm maintenance
  • Marketing decisions
  • Capital improvement
  • Full property services throughout Florida

Transitional Land Management

  • Property maintenance and security
  • Entitlements
  • Future land use and zoning needs

Direct Operations Management

  • Guide and supervise the farming activity to the maximum net benefit of the owner
  • Market crop and commodities through reputable and reliable buying sources.
  • Lease negotiation & supervision

Management Fees

  • Custom management fees based on services desired by the landowner
  • Custom rates derived for each property and approved in advance for landowners

Greenbelt Tax Exemption

  • Land value calculated as agriculture rather than the highest and best use
  • Saves money

Complete Accounting and Recordkeeping

  • Accounting reports on cash or accrual basis with a budget to actual comparisons
  • Detailed budgeting, budget-to-actual profit and loss statements, year-end financial summaries, and narratives

Government/ Regulatory Permits

  • Greenbelt – maintain agricultural classification for greenbelt real estate tax treatment
  • CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) – maintain classification conservation reserve for soil, water, and related natural resources
  • EQUIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program) – maintain classification for program that promotes agricultural production and environmental quality
  • Land development regulations/permits
  • Water use and drainage permits maintenance

Asset Protection

  • Monitor land uses
  • Government program compliance
  • Conservation compliance/environmental awareness
  • Building, liability and crop insurance

Marketing Decisions

  • Profit maximization
  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Price negotiation/contracting
  • Production decisions
  • Supervise crop program, rotation, planting, and harvest
  • Supervise fish and game populations and harvest
  • Conservation recommendations (i.e.: water use, waterways)
  • Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • Crop marketing associated with lease type (crop share)
  • Supervise livestock programs

Security Management to Reduce Liability

  • Trespassers
  • Trash dumps
  • Unauthorized four-wheeling
  • Other unauthorized activities

Financial Accounting and Reporting

  • Rent collection
  • Commodity sales
  • Cash management
  • Periodic reports (income statement and cash flow detailed by enterprise)
  • Annual reports, including budget-to-actual comparisons

Farm Maintenance

  • Property appearance
  • Building rental, repairs, and upkeep
  • Drainage maintenance
  • Well, pump and irrigation system maintenance

Capital Improvement

  • Drainage/building improvements
  • Irrigation development and land leveling
  • Permanent Crop Development (groves, timber, etc.)

Additional Services

Conservation easements

  • Commodity experience ranges from field crops to permanent planting, to pasture and livestock, to timber and natural lands
  • Serving a broad base of clients including trusts, individuals and partnerships; family, corporations, and institutions
  • Protection of soil and water resources, wetlands, wildlife habitat, and sound
  • Conservation practices
  • Offer educational forums to increase awareness, commitment, technical skills of operators/clients
  • Fosters prudent utilization of all-natural resources

Lay Of The Land Marketing Report

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