Conservation Land for Sale in Florida and Georgia

Conservation easements are legally binding agreements between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization or government agency. They are designed to limit certain types of development on a property to protect its natural, scenic, or cultural features. Contact us today to discuss your options for conserving your property or listing your conservation land for sale.

Conservation Land For Sale

Today, there are a number of conservation easements being bought by the federal, state, and local governments. Many landowners sell conservation easements in hopes to preserve the natural land for future generations.

Conservation easements are restrictions of future development rights on a landowner’s property while allowing the landowner to retain ownership and agricultural use of the land. These easements aim to protect your land from development that might destroy its natural beauty and ecosystem.

Because of the nature of these transactions, purchasing land that is encumbered by conservation easements can be complicated. Our advisors are trained to assist you in navigating conservation properties for sale, evaluating not only the regulations these easements bring, but also your personal needs for the land as well. We are able to address any concerns you may have and provide effective solutions for your investment goals.

Contact our advisors today to discuss your options on conserving your property or your listing your conservation land for sale. Click below to view our listings that contain conservation easements.

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