What Are The Most Popular Hunting Species in Florida?

November 13, 2023   |   Hunting
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Florida's climate, abundant wildlife, and uncomplicated licensing requirements make it an attractive location for hunters year-round.

Florida has consistently been a popular hunting destination for a number of reasons. The state is covered in large swaths of undisturbed wildlife, the weather is almost always suitable for hunting, and there is a large variety of popular hunting species. With plenty of available land for sale in Florida, there has never been a better time for huntsmen to invest in a plot of Florida’s unique landscape.

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Popular Hunting Species in Florida

If you’re interested in procuring a plot of land to live off, there’s no better option than Florida land. Upon purchasing a specific parcel, you can hunt an array of different species, including the Burmese python, deer, duck and waterfowl, quail, turkeys, and wild hogs.

Burmese Python

This invasive species has become one of Florida’s most malignant pests. It has had a corrosive effect on the Everglades ecosystem. Now, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is actively encouraging the public to assist in managing the burgeoning Burmese python population. These snakes can be humanely killed on private lands with the landowner’s permission. You don’t need a permit or hunting license when hunting these pests.

White-tailed Deer

In Florida, white-tailed deer management is another example of the state’s conservation success story. In the 1930s, very few deer were present in Florida, but now they can be found throughout the state. White-tailed deer are a popular game species in Florida, but they are also valued by hikers, wildlife photographers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Duck & Waterfowl

Migratory game birds such as duck and waterfowl are another popular target for Florida hunters. Since wetland habitat covers a large percentage of Florida, there are ample opportunities to hunt various duck and waterfowl species.


The Northern bobwhite is a medium-sized, round-bodied quail characterized by its short tail and neck. Quail is a popular hunting species because they are easy to hunt and make for a coveted meal. The species has been hunted for years throughout Florida and Georgia as their population is easily managed.


The Osceola turkey, also called the Florida turkey, is one of five subspecies of wild turkey living in North America. It is also one of Florida's most popular and highly valued game species. This turkey can only be found on the Florida peninsula, making the species a desirable target for out-of-state hunters. You can identify the Osceola turkey by its typically darker appearance with less white striping on its feathers than other turkeys. If you’re looking for Florida hunting land for sale, managing this famed species holds the potential to host hunters from around the country.

Wild Hog

Spanish explorers likely introduced this invasive species in the early 16th century. Wild hogs have been spotted in every Florida county, but they prefer living near oak-cabbage palm hammocks, freshwater marshes, and pine flatwoods. These creatures can grow to over 150 pounds and up to 6 feet long. Wild hogs eat virtually everything in their path, constantly disturbing soil and ground cover vegetation as they search for food.

If you are interested in Florida hunting land for sale, contact one of our expert land advisors who specialize in hunting and recreation. A wide range of leasing opportunities are also available when you choose to invest in Florida’s hunting industry. When you work with the SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler team, we will be sure to accurately identify your hunting needs and locate the perfect property for those needs.

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