What Land Investors Need to Know about Wildfire Mitigation in Florida

November 30, 2022   |   Timber

Wildfires pose a serious threat to Florida's natural ecosystem. SVN | SRD and NRPS aim to mitigate this risk by raising awareness and implementing burn management strategies.

Wildfires commonly affect the Western U.S., but climate change has made Florida one of the top five riskier states for wildfire damages. Florida is the only state in the Eastern US that made it to the list consisting of California, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico, according to a new report by CoreLogic.

Over the past decade, data has shown that wildfires have burned an average of 6.8 million acres per year. With Florida being at risk, it is important as an investor to understand this issue and to have the best team by your side to help prevent fiery catastrophes. SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler is here to help.

CoreLogic’s 2022 Annual Wildfire Report examined wildfire risk and economic recovery as it related to property management. It was discovered that Florida, compared to the rest of the nation, is at high risk of wildfire disaster within the real estate market.

Our Land Management Services

Our land management team boasts diverse experience, specialties, and knowledge from our firm’s expert wildlife and forestry advisors. Covering all areas from land consulting, conservation, timber specialties, citrus grove management, and cattle operations, our team can help prepare you to defend against wildfire disasters. With our global brand and national recognition, we have the resources available to solve any and all potential issues. Some of our other land management services include:

  • Property maintenance and security
  • Monitoring land use
  • Government program compliance
  • Building, liability and crop insurance
  • Supervision of crop programs, rotations, planting, and harvest
  • Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • Supervise livestock programs

We have worked with many well-renowned organizations such as Rockridge Capital Holdings and The University of Florida Foundation, Inc. in a variety of different land management and protection endeavors.

Our Work With NRPS

Our credible land advisors partner with Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc. (NRPS) to provide industry-leading timberland and wildlife expertise for our clients.

NRPS is a premier consulting forestry firm operating out of Florida that works exclusively with our land advisors in Florida and Georgia. Part of our mission is to assist clients in timberland transactions and representation, acquisition, investment analysis, and agricultural property valuations. Including foresters, wildlife biologists, ecologists, and other natural resource professionals, our team is highly specialized in land management and protection.

NRPS’s Environmental Services division provides clients with the latest services in carbon inventories, wetland mitigation banks, and prescribed fire and chemical vegetation management. The LES team consists of prescribed burn managers and arborists as well as licensed herbicide applicators that will work with you to create a plan that fights against wildfire.

Burn Management

Wildfires present a real and undeniable threat to our families and communities. Opposing this threat requires unwavering commitment from those choosing to invest in these at-risk properties. This is something that every investor should be aware of before making any purchasing decision.

With a 1-in-50-year fire scenario in our beautiful sunshine state, wildfire risk is no joke. Take the necessary precautions not only to protect your family, but also the community surrounding.