Florida Land for Sale With a Natural Spring

February 24, 2021   |   Waterfront

These natural springs serve as hidden gems within the beautiful Florida landscape.

Found in the rural areas of North and Central Florida, natural oases steam with life boasting millions of years in the making. Visitors to Florida’s natural springs can swim in their crystal blue beauty while animals like manatees do their graceful dance nearby. It is breathtaking being surrounded by this divinely serene setting. What is admired as a dream-like destination, is available to the public for those who want to invest in their own paradise.

There’s plenty of natural springs and waterfront land for sale in the state of Florida and SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler can help. We have the resources and knowledge to aid you in making your dream investment.

Why Are There So Many Springs in Florida?

It is no coincidence that there’s plenty of Florida land for sale that holds natural springs. Beneath Florida’s surface is a large collection of porous marine limestone along with Florida’s vast aquifer system. Because the limestone is so porous, the aquifer consistently holds a great deal of water. Eventually, the water needs to discharge, resulting in Florida’s own natural springs. Florida also receives 30-100 inches of rain per year. Subsurface pressure pushes this water through land surface openings which also creates more natural springs.

What Can You Do With Land For Sale With a Natural Spring in Florida?

Some have referred to Florida’s natural springs as “Florida’s natural water parks” because of the large variety of recreational activities available within. Whether you are near Blue Springs, Wekiwa Springs, or Homosassa Springs, you can take part in swimming, boating, or tubing, among many other activities.

Additionally, many of Florida’s natural springs are teeming with wildlife, including manatee, turtles, and otters. Certain springs are great for fishing as well.

Why SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler?

If you are looking for Florida land for sale with a natural spring for recreational or agricultural purposes, SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler can guide you through the investment process. Our agents not only understand the real estate market, we are experts in agribusiness, agricultural research, ranching, cattle, conservation, and land/resource management.