Lay of the Land Conference

About the Conference

The Florida Lay of the Land Conference is an annual gathering of landowners, policymakers, investors, and industry professionals seeking the latest and most accurate information about the Florida land market. This conference provides a platform for gaining insights into economic trends, market dynamics, sales data, and regulatory updates.

This 2024 conference covered discussions on conservation and timberland, included breakout sessions on topics such as transportation, mineral rights, agricultural investments. To conclude the event, the highly-anticipated Lay of the Land Florida Market Report was released.

The Lay of the Land Conference is not only a valuable source of information but also a great opportunity for building professional relationships within the land industry.

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Conference Resources

Download all the available resources from the 2024 Lay of the Land Florida Conference.
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Lay of the Land
Market Report

The Lay of the Land Market Report continues to be the single source compiling verified Florida land sales data to evaluate market trends throughout the year. We provide data to landowners that can be accurately interpreted and applied, leading to more informed, relevant decisions.

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The Lay of the Land conference is organized and sponsored exclusively by SVN Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate and is offered to our clients, landowners, and related interests. This is our primary audience and space is limited, so we respectfully ask that real estate brokers and licensed associates do not attend the event.