The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Land Manager Part 2

In this two-part article, we are discussing several of the primary reasons why rural landowners should invest in professional land management services. In the first part, the land professionals at Saunders Real Estate discussed the importance of hiring a land management service to protect and enhance the ecological capabilities of your land and its natural resources. In this section, we will discuss several of the fiscal and personal advantages that a land management service can provide to your farmland, timberland, or even hunting land. If you are interested in Florida hunting land for sale, speak with a land professional today.

Protecting Your Investment

Similar to any ecological benefits that we previously covered, the main objective of hiring a professional land management service is to protect your investment and eventually maximize your return on your land by cultivating your land over time. Sustainable land management services focus on agricultural development and management of your natural resources which means that your land’s value steadily increases through this process. However, land management services also offer many other tangible benefits to property owners.

Less Time, Better Results

A common oversight for a landowner that recently purchased property is that they underestimate the amount of time it will take for them to maintain their land. Regardless of your level of experience, sustainable land management services are time-consuming and involve an array of specialized skills and years of in-depth knowledge related to agricultural production and other ecological matters. Landowners that elect to perform all of the land management needs on their own often find that they wished they had employed expert professionals in the industry. Time is money, and spending a great deal of your own valuable time can be a burden that will not yield the same results as hiring experienced land professionals.

Property Security and Reducing Liability

For landowners that don’t live on the land, you will not only want to have a land management service in place to protect and cultivate your investment, you will also want another set of eyes to ensure your property is secure. Many landowners stress over the fact that their land is left unmonitored for significant periods of time. Of course, there are also many liability issues at stake when you own unattended property. With a professional land management service in place, you have peace of mind knowing that trained professionals are keeping your land under surveillance.

Seek Tax Incentives for Your Land

Landowners should know that their land can be considered for excellent tax benefits if the property meets appropriate agriculture classification laws defined by the State of Florida. Under Florida Statute 193.461, bona fide agricultural purposes provide incentives to landowners. A professional land management service understands how to ensure that your land meets the requirements to qualify for these benefits.

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