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Six Benefits of Selling Land Through Auctions

Selling properties via land auctions can provide wonderful benefits for property owners, including the following: Shortened Timeline Committed Buyers Equal Opportunity for Buyers Easier Negotiations Diversified Options Obtaining a True Market Price Depending on many market variables, selling land can often be a lengthy process. Utilizing a land auction to bypass the back-and-forth negotiations of a traditional real estate sales...

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How to Sell Land Through Auctions: Absolute vs. Reserve

You’ve weighed your options and come to the conclusion that you want to sell your land at auction. You might have heard terms such as “reserve” and “absolute” thrown around, but what do they mean? Reserve and absolute auctions are two forms of auctions that may be beneficial depending on the goals of the seller. {{cta('e244ce18-b870-4610-b49c-16b311a855d2')}} What are the differences...

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