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Dean Saunders on Florida Real Estate Market Trends [PODCAST]

At this year's Lay of the Land Conference, Dean Saunders spoke on real estate market trends here in the state of Florida.

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The Modern History of Hemp [VIDEO]

Following the illegalization of hemp cultivation in 1937, a major event took place that would cause yet another resurgence for the cultivation of hemp. With the dawning of the Second Word War, there was once again a demand for the production of hemp. The supply chain of fibers needed for the war effort were cut off by the Japanese military,...

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Florida's Impact on the Real Estate Industry [PODCAST]

At this year's Lay of the Land Conference, Gary Ralston gave an in-depth analysis regarding the impact that the state of Florida has had on the Real Estate industry.  {{cta('415cedcf-6c71-46fb-89d6-b9d37c50f598')}}

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The Early History of Hemp [VIDEO]

Though hemp and it's legalization are still hot topics for discussion today, many people do not realize just how integral hemp was in the early history of the United States, and even humanity itself.  The cultivation of hemp stretches back ten millennia and is filled with intrigue and controversy. 

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