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Negotiating Conservation Easements [VIDEO]

Dean Saunders sits down to discuss negotiating Conservation Easements.

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Florida's Long Legacy of Alfred DuPont and Edward Ball: Part 1 [VIDEO]

Alfred duPont and Edward Ball Created a legacy in Florida that is felt to this day.

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What Are the Two Types of Conservation Easements? [VIDEO]

Dean Saunders, ALC, CCIM, the founder and managing director of SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate, began working with real estate conservation easements a quarter-century ago. Though more common now as a means of preserving land and protecting wildlife, at the time, the practice was far more limited.

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A Brief History of Racing in Daytona [VIDEO]

Before the Daytona 500 was held at the Nascar International Speedway, the beaches of Daytona were home to auto racing. With its humble beginnings, it's remarkable how auto racing went from causal competitions on the beach to a billion-dollar industry.

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