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How The Great Depression Impacted Florida [VIDEO]

In the early 1920s, Florida experienced a real estate boom. Prices were soaring. People were moving here in droves. Life was good. But it couldn’t last forever. With the Great Depression just around the corner, Floridians had no idea that economic desolation loomed just ahead. There were several events in Florida prior to the Great Depression that exacerbated its devastating...

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The Wrath of Florida's Hurricanes [VIDEO]

While Florida is acclaimed for its sunny beaches and warm weather, it is also infamous for the more disastrous side of its climate. And few weather events are as disastrous as hurricanes. 

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The Importance of Water Management in Florida [PODCAST]

At this year's Lay of the Land conference, a panel of experts spoke about the importance of water management in the State of Florida.

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Expert Advice for Landowners [PODCAST]

At this year's Lay of the Land Conference, a panel of experts gave helpful tips to landowners. The panel was headed by Dean Saunders and included Bart Arrington of Mosaic Company, Mallory Lykes Dimmitt of Lykes Brothers, Inc., Bill Calton of Weyerhauser, and Erik Jacobsen of AgReserves. Speaking on the purpose of the panel, Saunders stated that he "tried to find...

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