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Florida History: The Tampa Mafia (Part One) [VIDEO]

The Land Journal recently sat down with Scott M. Deitche, author of Cigar City Mafia, to talk about the history of organized crime in Tampa. 

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How Farm Credit Can Assist Landowners [VIDEO]

For those Floridians exploring finance options for a career in agriculture, contacting Farm Credit of Florida may be a very beneficial option to consider. The Land Journal sat down with Jamie Lang to discuss how they operate.

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Industrial Hemp: What Florida Can Learn From Colorado [VIDEO]

As Florida expands it's hemp industry, it can look to Colorado to see what the future of hemp may look like. One essential tool that Colorado used to grow their hemp industry was the passage of Amendment 64. We recently sat down with Kirk Goble to discuss the importance of Amendment 64.  Kirk is a hemp industry expert and land...

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Florida History: The Black Seminoles [VIDEO]

The underground railroad was a pathway used by runaway slaves to escape the shackles of slavery and pursue a life of freedom. Traditionally, the railroad headed North toward freedom but a small portion of runaways instead turned South toward Florida.

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