Step-by-Step Process for Buying Industrial Real Estate

November 08, 2023   |   Industrial
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What is the process of buying industrial real estate? Learn more about the intricacies of these real estate investments through this step-by-step guide.

Investing in industrial real estate can be lucrative, providing stable income and long-term growth potential. However, navigating the complex world of industrial property acquisition requires a systematic approach and in-depth knowledge. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of buying industrial real estate, equipping you with the essential information to make informed decisions and maximize your investment potential.

Step No. 1: Define Your Objectives

Before diving into the industrial real estate market, it is crucial to define your investment objectives clearly.

Consider factors such as:

  • Budget
  • Desired location
  • Property size
  • Potential rental income

Understanding your goals will help you streamline your search and focus on properties that align with your investment strategy.

Step No. 2: Research the Market

Thorough market research is essential for identifying lucrative opportunities and understanding the current industrial property landscape.


  • Local market trends
  • Vacancy rates
  • Rental prices
  • Economic indicators

This information will provide valuable insights into the potential profitability and growth prospects of different industrial real estate markets.

Step No. 3: Assemble Your Team

Engaging the right professionals can significantly simplify the buying process and mitigate risks.

Build a reliable team that includes:

  • A real estate brokerage specializing in industrial properties
  • A commercial property lawyer
  • Experienced commercial lender

These experts will guide you through the transaction’s legalities, negotiations, and financing aspects.

Step No. 4: Secure Financing

Industrial property investments often require substantial capital. Evaluate your financial situation and explore various financing options. Approach commercial lenders, such as banks or private lenders, to secure a loan that aligns with your investment goals.

Ensure you have:

  • A strong credit history
  • A comprehensive business plan (including projections)
  • Any documentation requested by the lender

This can improve your odds of getting approved.

Step No. 5: Identify Suitable Properties

Once you have determined your investment criteria and secured financing, it's time to start your property search. Collaborate with your real estate brokerage to identify potential industrial properties that meet your requirements.

Consider factors like:

  • Location
  • Accessibility
  • Infrastructure
  • Zoning regulations
  • Future development plans

Narrow your options to a short list of properties that align with your investment goals.

Step No. 6: Conduct Due Diligence

Thorough due diligence is crucial before finalizing any industrial property purchase. This involves a comprehensive examination of the property's legal, financial, and physical aspects.

Engage a commercial property lawyer to review:

  • Title deeds
  • Zoning permits
  • Environmental reports
  • Any existing leases or contracts

Hire a commercial property inspector to examine the property, including its structural condition, utility systems, and compliance with building codes.

                                                                                                Source: Optimal I-4 Industrial Warehouse

Step No. 7: Negotiate the Purchase

Once you have completed the due diligence process and are satisfied with the property's viability, it's time to negotiate the purchase terms.

Work closely with your real estate agent and lawyer to craft an offer that considers:

  • Market conditions
  • Comparable sales
  • Property Condition

Negotiate the price, closing timeline, and any contingencies, such as repairs or lease agreements.

Step No. 8: Finalize the Transaction

Collaborate closely with your lawyer to ensure all paperwork is properly executed, including the purchase agreement, title transfer, and financing documents. Coordinate with the lender to complete the financing process and arrange a property appraisal if required.

Buying industrial real estate can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially when you run into unforeseen obstacles along the way. A commercial real estate brokerage with 25-plus years of experience, SVN Saunders Ralston Dantzler knows how to navigate the process to ensure a seamless industrial property purchase.     

After the purchase is finalized, we can even help manage the property for you.

To learn more about how we can help, call 877.518.5263.

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